Welcome to TMTB

What is TMTB?

TMTB is a band of comrades, who's singular mission is combating cyclo-fascism and tearing up singletrack worldwide. Combining a distaste for elitist groupthink with adjustable suspension, TMTB members come together to share an appreciation for mountain biking, the beauty of nature, and spirited discussion.

Why am I here?

That's a very good question... Are we even in the Googles?

This site is home to some photography, lots of creative writing, and countless esoteric references. We don't sell merchandise, solicit membership, or mine Bitcoin. If you are looking for something interesting to read while you come down off of an MDMA trip, you are in good hands (or purple, depending on where you are in your journey). If you are looking for an article about "The 15 Places Where Celebrities Take Selfies", then this site probably isn't for you and you may, in fact, be an enemy of the movement.

What can TMTB do for me?

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you give him a mountain bike, he will go and bitch about someone else's singletrack."

That wise, age-old adage really has nothing to do with anything relevant.

Getting together under the TMTB banner, a small group of like-minded non-conformists are able to gather and enjoy a common interest. We aren't the first people to do this, but we encourage others to emulate this type of activity. So what can TMTB do for you? Hopefully, bring you to the realization that you are reading some obscure website, rather than doing something fun or useful. If the jarring revelation hits you and you get together with some like-minded people and do something kick-ass, we have succeeded.