Power Line 2011

A collection of old photos from one of the original TMTB stomping grounds in middle-o-nowhere Pennsylvania.

I was going through a tarball of old data and found some ride pictures from December 2011.

When TMTB started, we had a few go-to spots that were within riding distances from out families' homes in Pennsylvania. One such spot was a little game preserve outside of Topton. This place had some rudimentary trails and, even if they weren't really maintained for mountain biking, they were reasonable and ridable.

The game preserve was a mile or so from a ridge that we dubbed the "Power line Trail". If you rode through increasingly sketchy trails and a bit of possibly private property, you would end up on the access road that ran for a mile or so around the power lines. The trail was nothing to write home about, but the view was nice and it was convenient.

These photos are all from the Power Line Trail. The camera was a loaner and wasn't the greatest, but the scenery wasn't the Swiss Alps, either.