Virginia 2012

Pictures of rides in Virginia before I learned where to ride in Virginia.

This albums contains a few photos I took on day trips from my place in Virginia.

Moving to Virginia was a bit of culture shock for a mountain biker that went to school in the coal country of Pennsylvania. Mountains turned into hills, single track turned into rail trails, and I no longer found myself within riding distance of a half-dozen sweet spots to tear it up.

At a glance, it seemed like Northern Virgina was a downgrade and, compared to my stomping grounds in Pennsylvania, it was. However, that is not to say that Northern Virginia wasn't without a few good merits. However, this album really doesn't highlight any of them... This album is from the period of time when I had no idea about Lake Fairfax or Fountainhead.

The first part of the album is taken at Great Falls Park in Virginia. When I was looking through the Park Service website, I was trying to determine whether or not mountain biking was allowed. It really wasn't mentioned on the site at the time, so off I went. It should be noted that there is also a Great Falls park on the Maryland side of the Potomac.

This place was a bit irregular because, while it doesn't prohibit mountain biking, it is geared very much towards hikers. There's a series of intersecting, multi-use trails that are kinda fun because they aren't technical and you can get a good deal of speed. The scenery is pretty nice and the Park Service does excellent work keeping the trails clean and overgrowth cut back. The view of the waterfalls along the Potomac river are outstanding. Added bonus is watching the suicidal kayakers getting tossed around the falls. The downside is that there aren't too many of them and you can easily ride most combinations of trails in an hour or so. Another downside is that you are periodically reminded that the trails are multi-use because of land mines left by equestrians assholes.

The second part of the album was taken on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Path. C&O is a towpath/rail trail that runs along the northern side of the Potomac River from Georgetown to Cumberland, Maryland. I rode a small section of it between Point of Rocks and Whites Ferry. It was a damn good rail trail and a fun ride with the cyclocross bike.