California 2013

Part One of a lovely picture series, taken during a brief journey down Highway 1 on the West Coast.

In November 2013, I was sent to a conference in Silicon Valley. Enjoying a bit of flexibility with my travel time, I had a few extra days on either end of the trip to check out the local mountains.

This album contains photography from McNee Ranch State Park, near Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. I really stumbled onto this place by sheer luck and bad driving. I flew into SFO and picked up my rental car with the intention of doing some sightseeing in San Francisco proper. Being unfamiliar with the highways and lacking a GPS, I ended up on the other side of the peninsula, heading south down Highway 1. Two to three minutes of the scenery and I was quite content continuing on my errant path.

Driving along Hwy. 1, there are a number of small towns, beaches, and scenic pull-offs. I found the park by accident because I pulled over, looking for a good place to stretch and get some pictures. Right at the parking-lot/pull-over spot, there were a few trails, mountains insight, and plenty of daylight to kill. Ok, I'll bite.

The view was utterly spectacular. Highway 1 is right along the Pacific coast and the mountains south of San Francisco are of proper altitude. The view of the surrounding coastline is breath-taking, the surrounding mountains are sexy, and the whole trail system was well-tended. Nothing about mountain biking was advertised at the trailhead, but the whole place was bike-friendly. There were a number of runners and mountain bikers encountered along the way, but, for the most part, people were pretty sparse. I enjoyed the photography more than normal because I had a loaner camera that was better than mine.

Going to have to prioritize getting my corporate overlords to send me out here more often...