California 2015

The classy, epic 2015 repeat of McNee Ranch State Park, south of San Francisco.

Like the summary says, this is a repeat of my 2013 California excursion down Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast. This is the March 2015 remix, yo.

As was the case last time, I successfully befuddled my corporate paymasters to send me on a vaca...conference in Silicon Valley. As was the case last time, I flew in at the crack of dawn and had a rental car and plenty of time to kill. Recalling the outstanding scenery from last time and lacking enough preparation to find something new north of San Francisco, I happily hit up McNee Ranch State Park again.

Everything was pretty familiar from last time. There are a few trails that travel along several different ridges. I remembered what I did last time and chose the other fork in the trail. The scenery was outstanding. Later in the afternoon, the clouds started to roll in across the valleys below, leading to some really picturesque shots. The hike was very good. The trails aren't terribly difficult and are well maintained. However, you gain altitude very quickly in some spots. It's a very good compromise between altitude and distance hiking. People are there, but seldom seen. This leads to a very nice, secluded feeling to the whole thing.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph