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A lot of creative writing and obvious bullshitting went into the creation of this site. While a majority, if not the entirety, of this site may be completely useless to you, a great amount of work went into creating it. As a result, there are certain nuggets of brilliance and original content that we would like to have covered under the CC license.

Original content includes, but is not expressly limited to:

Of the original content categories listed above, you are welcome to use and abuse them so long as it is within the boundaries of our specific blend of the Creative Commons license. TMTB explicitly notes sources and credit when using content that is not original or derived and does so in accordance with the originator's content license.

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We release our content under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. We allow non-commercial derivative works under the condition of attribution. A summary and the extended legalese can be found here. If, for some odd reason, you want to use our work, or a derivative thereof, for commercial purposes, feel free to contact us and we can... negotiate.

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